From the Beginning

Not really sure where to start, probably from the beginning? Funny? See what I did there? Ok moving on….

My name is Shannon, I currently live in Texas, and I’m finishing my college career out at the University of North Texas.

I was born in Buffalo, New York and moved around the tri-state area of New York for mannnnnnny years. I had three different elementary schools, two different middle schools and thankfully by the time I started high school, I finished high school in the same school I started in.

By that time I was in Jacksonville, Florida. Florida was interesting, to say the least. I would call it a culture shock for sure; all of a sudden people were asking me to say words like, “coffee,” “hotdog,” “dresser drawer,” and the favorite, “youse guys.” I thought I sounded normal, apparently not, I was the weird one, they all sounded the same.

When we moved away from WNY, closer to the Big Apple, it was something different. Not a culture shock, but a different style of living. I said pop, they said soda, that’s the best way to put it. (lol)

So, back to Jacksonville, I moved out when I was 18 and swore I wouldn’t come crawling back, or call begging for money. I stayed true to my word. When you move out on your own you come to realize, you really are an expensive little bugger.

(No wonder your parents were always telling you NO at the grocery store. Those damn check out lanes with all the goodies on the side, I know that was my mom’s worst nightmare every time she had to take all three of us anywhere….)

So, while living on my own I also managed to get my butt in college and afford those expenses on my own, thankfully I had a scholarship that covered most of it. I worked and still work as a waitress at the same restaurant I started out at.

My major was Education, got to my internship and ran in the other direction. Never did I think, for one second,  I would witness teachers reading out of a binder, telling them what they need to do for the day. Standardize testing was a death sentence to those old school teachers we used to love. I wanted to be “Miss Honey” from Matilda. I wanted to guide and teach children, not to become a mindless robot.

I understand there are some teachers who do still follow their own lesson plans from “back in the day,” but damn if it didn’t send me running for the hills.

I still managed to nab my Associates Degree in Art, thankfully.

I ended up meeting, my now husband, somewhere up there in the mix and we moved to Virginia Beach.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to move there, commonwealth and all, it’s a little screwy. Not to mention everything up there is highly over priced because of the all the navy personnel, due to all the different military branches stationed out there. So basically they know a majority of the population is getting a decent paycheck and know what you can afford, barely.

I met some of the greatest people I could ever meet in Virginia Beach; when it was time to say goodbye, it actually was a bittersweet moment. I was happy to start my new life with the hubby, ( he was attached to an aircraft carrier and was, if you didn’t guess, in the navy) but I was sad to say “see ya soon” to the people who had helped me throughout my journey there alone, when the hubby was deployed. The bond was different than ones I had ever experienced before.

Now, like I said before, I’m in Texas. Trying to figure out what I’m actually going to major in. I’ve been dabbling in advertising and public relations, but I’m not sure… I tend to over think things.

I have leaned towards always wanting to be a writer. I’ve made a goal to publish at least one book before I meet my maker. BUT… a big BUT… I don’t want to be a newspaper reporter, or do broadcast journalism, or write for a magazine that stalks down celebrities.

I don’t think I’m nosey enough to be able to enjoy those kinds of jobs. I’d rather be some-what broke with a job that makes me happy than a job I hate and insanely rich. “Mo money, Mo problems,” Biggie, knew what he was talking about it.

I know getting a degree is just that, getting a degree.” You can get a job anywhere,” people tell me. Hardly anyone gets a job with what they majored in. Isn’t that kind of backwards? I understand it, but it slightly does make me a tad bit furious. Oh well, I’ll figure it out… right?

So what is a girl to do? Start a blog and hope for the best!

Never thought about starting a blog, until I was talking to my… husbands step-dad… step-father-in-law? Nah, he’s just a father-in-law.

Anyways, he brought up a good point. I make hilarious Facebook posts and some intelligent ones, he said this, not me! I can only agree… :]

So, what I want to blog about, everything and anything. I like to talk, I like listening too. I enjoy a good debate, and hearing how others perceive certain situations.

Perception is truth, not sure who said it, but it’s damn true.

I just want to give my two-cents on everything and anything, that may be a better way to describe it.

So, join the ride! This could turn into something fun!

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