Wandering Soul

I have moved more times than I have had birthdays, I don’t have a childhood home, and I didn’t grow up with the same kids all the way through graduation. I’ve had three elementary schools and two middle schools, one high school (thankfully) and I’ve transferred between colleges in different states twice…. I am a wanderer, and I’m okay with that.

Recently, I decided to go get my toes done as a fun “end of semester” treat for myself, and brought the hubby along (he’s grown quite accustomed to pedicures) The women who was doing my feet started to pick where my spot was and asked “is that dirt?” No I responded, glanced at my husband and saw that he was laughing to himself trying to contain his amusement.

After years of people making fun of the spot I have on the bottom of my foot, I now have a good story to tell people when they ask me about my “dirt spot.”

It’s not a huge ugly monstrous thing, it’s more like a beauty mark that just happens to be on the bottom of my foot, which I guess is odd to other people. I’ve always had it, so I don’t think it’s that weird or “funny.”

I explained to the women it’s been there my entire life and I reassured her I wash my feet on the regular. She began to tell me a story…

In Japan it is said that if you have a spot on the bottom of your feet it means you are a traveler, you’ve done a lot of walking. She preceded to ask me if this as true in my life, and when she glanced up she noticed my mouth was gaping open and I said “ Oh my god, yes!”

After 25 years of trying to figure myself out, I got an answer, from a women I didn’t even know. I am, a wanderer, a traveler, someone who doesn’t particularly have a home but has areas of the country I have inhabited. I’m not weird, it’s just how my life is and was, and I’ve continued the pattern into my adult years. This tale made he feel empowered like, “Yea, that’s me! Whoo hoo!”

It’s amazing the things you can learn from just simple conversations with people, it’s all about listening and being social. Where else would I have heard that story from? Think that’s one of life’s secrets, listening and getting to know “your neighbor.” You learn from the world, don’t be afraid to open up an ear and listen.

SO, if you have a rather large “dirt spot” on the bottom of your feet, that’s who you are or maybe, someone you may want to be! Never be afraid of change, it’s nice to be the new person every once in awhile!

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Shannon Randol

Sharing life and what's helped me grow through what I've gone through.

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