Super Bowl Prediction Gone Funny

Curiosity of: NFL Memes

As some of you already know, being a Buffalo Bills fan, I absolutely hate Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. It’s a hate that spews out from my soul every season. They cheat, whine and complain until they get their own way. They pick and chose rules to follow, but only when they know how to bend them.

Some of you may think I’m biased, well, that’s probably true. I just hope Seattles D puts a whoopin’ on them this Sunday. Go Hawks! 

The week before the Super Bowl, NFL Madden makes an announcement on which team will take home the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy. This year, not-so-surprisingly, it picked the New England Patriots to defeat the 12th-Man.

As news outlets were reporting the prediction, Sports Illustrated tweeted out the happy news with a photo. While the news was disheartening, the photo was spectacular. Can you spot the wonderful error it made?


I’d like to pause and take you through my journey at the University of North Texas for a quick moment.  I have acquired a lot of useful skill sets during my stay and personally, It doesn’t always feel like you’ve learned something, but then something occurs (you read a friends grammatically incorrect post, proof read a friends paper, or see a tweet that has violated one of the many rules of social media) and you finally get to make a full circle. ” Wow, I have learned something.”

Lesson #1: When using social media remember nothing can truly be deleted. If you work for an organization, don’t become the example of what not to do on Twitter.

With that lesson in mind, I couldn’t help but use this oops as an example. Have you been able to spot IT yet? It’s also probably safe to say, some poor soul needed to put out the tweet quickly and googled a winning image of T-Brady. A photo with confetti means they won, right?


Actually no, the photo they used with was in fact a photo from the year they lost to Eli Manning and the New York Giants. A memory I will never forget, because I lit off fireworks with my father in Florida in celebration. Not so much the win for the Giants, but the loss for the Patriots. Yes, the hate is strong in this one.

A useful piece of advice I picked up during previous journalism/pr classes was to always pay attention to the four corners of a picture. Make sure there aren’t any weird shadows, objects sticking out from behind heads, or that the predicted winner of the Super Bowl XLIX is actually being photographed as being a winner from previous years and not the loser.

So on that note…


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