Less Bitching More Living

We’re all guilty of having moments throughout time where every iota of life makes you want to pull your hair out. It’s natural, but unnatural to assume you’re the only one going through it.


Everyone has a  breaking point, where life piles up and you want to scream on top of a mountain at everyone who passes by. But there should be a little voice in your head that reminds you to see the brighter side of things.

Full disclosure: I admit I can be opinionated about shortcomings, but I try to make it a joke and use the common annoyance as the punch line of the joke. Because let’s be honest, nobody wants to be around anyone who complains on a regular basis.

Especially if you can predict it.

Life-1 Death-0, you’re in the lead, now stop the whining!

If you’re reading this and still a bit confused, let me break it down. But consider you might be one of those people.

Anecdote: I had a roommate who had the same routine to gain attention and it usually began on weekend nights.

The next door neighbors would have a party. She’d walk over, laugh really loud and cling to somebody who’d defiantly give her the attention she wanted, then she’d add hype to her plot.

I could hear her walking across the deck and knew what she was coming inside for; a pair of skimpy silky pajama bottoms that crawled up her crack. She’d put them on and go back over.

Then, a quick trip to her rodent’s cage to bring it over to show people (more attention).

And as the final act, she’d wrangle up the guy she wanted.

It was a game, a very good one at that (have to give her props), but eventually, as a regular spectator of the sport, the predictability of the game grew tiring and old. My other roommates and I began to make a game out of it.

“There’s the laugh, how many minutes until she comes inside for her pajamas?”

“5 minutes”

“8 minutes”



7 minutes! The rest of you take a shot!


Now, how does this tie in with that I was preaching about earlier?

If I know the three things you will contribute to the conversation are more than likely going to be a complaint, expect a straight face and a stare.

Laugh. Silky Pajamas. Rodent. Score.

Conversation about the beach – insert your bitch. Conversation about work – insert same bitch that sorta relates to pervious conversation but the same content. Conversation about puppies-insert and repeat.

Laugh. Silky Pajamas. Rodent. Score.

WOOF. It’s tiring just writing it!

Are you catching what I’m pitching?

It’s okay to complain every once in awhile. I recommend it if you’re making the story funny and using your own shortcomings as the punchline, I actually respect it.

But I don’t get how some believe their situation is the only one that matters. We’re all going through stuff and even if its not the same stuff, that’s all it is, stuff. 

You’re no different than anyone else trying to figure out this hilarious game of life and adulating. Nothing is perfect nor easy; life, jobs, relationships, supporting a family, having kids, paying bills, while trying to figure out how to squeeze fun in-between moments of normal life stress.

If you’re trying to win the “my life is more terrible than yours” scenario, you’ve all ready lost.

Life isn’t about trying to get ahead of anyone else, it’s about enjoying the time you have left and trying to make the best out of the chaotic spin we all label life and trying to be our best selves.

I sound a bit preachy and possibly like I’ve had one too many bong hits, but I can take a lesson from it all, too.

It’s not about bitching, it’s about living.

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