Knocked Down & Dragged Out

Keep your nose to the grind and stay at it, every day. There are going to be days you want to quit, days you won’t believe in yourself or in your ability to get out of the weeds, but keep grinding. 

Walk into work, do your job and leave. Don’t pay attention to the drama or get sucked in, keep to yourself because, in the end, the only person you can trust is yourself. 

And repeat said mantra for motivation to keep plowing through the shits of life and on to the greener patches, hopefully.


Photo by Bryan Minear 

Have you ever had a dream that haunted you for a few days after it shot you out of bed? It’s the friggin worst. My latest nightmare (which I hesitated to call at first because my definition involves a terrifying clown trying to kill me, but then realized everyone has different scenarios/triggers that terrorize them and for me, this is one of my personal nightmares) involved my two precious puppies, Bella and Bailey, and one rogue rabbit…

I’ve never had a rabbit nor wanted to own one. There was a hamster scenario for a brief moment while I was growing up and that’s the last caged animal I ever want to house.

There’s a definite theme in dreams I wake up remembering and it usually involves me in the midst of chaos, trying to save someone or someone(s) from [insert any terrible scenario you can imagine].

It ends two ways, guaranteed. Option A: I save said life or lives. Option B: I miss out on the opportunity of saving by the tips of fingertips, half seconds left on the clock or not moving fast enough and missing the saving solution by an inch.

Option B consistently ends by losing, just barely.

Reeeeeeeeal relaxing dreams, right? -_-


Photo by nikko macaspac

The nightmare started off normal with a casual walk around my (presumed) neighboorhood. Bella, Bailey and Rogue Rabbit were all on leash and enjoying the stroll, when suddenly – BAM, everyone slipped out of their leashes and went running in opposite directions.

Let the panic ensue.

I wrangled Bella back on leash first and then began to run (aimlessly) around in search of the other two, not paying attention to anything else happening behind me.

Poor Bella is falling through stairs, being dragged through alleys and running into walls due to my lack of attention.

Finally, Bella stops trying to keep up with me and yanks back. She’s beat up and exhausted. A mass load of guilt washes over me as I can see in her eyes I’ve betrayed her own trust.

I take a pause and pick her up in my arms, cradling her for a moment and whisper in her ear that I’m sorry. I opt to continue to hold her while we search for the other two.


After the pause, a new panic sets in – I’m too late, something bad has happened. In that instance, a coyote comes whipping around the corner of a robin-egg-blue house and comes running towards me.

A chunk of flesh lands in front of my feet.

I assume it’s Rogue Rabbit and immediately shout out Bailey’s name, who comes running out of wherever she is hiding and dutifully returns to my side. All I had to do was ask …

Why do these chaotic cluster facks of dreams play on repeat for me? I’m not positive, but I’m sure they’re stress-induced. Currently, the Hubs and I are walking (or tripping) another one of life’s frustrating paths and collectively feel trapped. Ya know the one, where it doesn’t make sense until the very end. 

We reassure ourselves we’re in the twenty-something confusion now but it won’t last because we’re setting ourselves up for really good thirties.

For good measure, I shared the dream with the Hubs and while saying it out loud something in my voice triggered reasoning. Maybe Bella represents me trying to plow through life, wishing to be successful and forgetting to come up for air.

Hubs could be Bailey, but let’s hope he’s definitely not the hunk of flesh being spat out after being chewed up. If we’re dream diagnosing, Rogue Rabbit is probably both us – metaphorically speaking.

But if I believe dreams manifest reality than I’d have to be open to believing in fortune tellers and that’s a slippery slope.

So I don’t know what else to say than:

I solemnly swear to put an honest effort into taking a pause and enjoying the little & quiet moments I’d typically plow through.

If any of you have any suggestions on how to enjoy life Gahndi me because I’m not positive I’ll be good at this slower pace ….

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