Social Media Nightmare – 2 years later

After reading How Every Writer Has Their Own Method there was a moment of clarity and acceptance with my own writing process qualms. First, I need to really figure out what works for me and stick to it and second, I need to hit the publish button no matter how loud my head screams not to…

This is how it goes: an event occurs which triggers a strong emotion that compels me to write a blog. Then, after edits and a cool-down period (usually 24-hours to give me some space to reflect and make sure this piece of writing is properly expressing said feelings), I go back to my post and don’t post it.

Why? Because by the time the cool-down period has passed, I’ve thought of every way to Sunday on why the feelings I had yesterday are untrue, not important, and possibly slightly inflated.

Then, I hit delete or let it sit in limbo for. all. eternity. Never to see the light of day, again.

Even as I write these few paragraphs I’m already convincing myself on why this is a bad idea (you’re checking yourself, this will be out forever and who knows what people will say, what if you don’t get the writing job of your dreams because of one bad blog post?) to do any of this…

So because of this How Every Writer Has Their Own Method post, I’m going to practice FINISHING each blog I have in limbo that escaped the delete button and publish it. I will make sure I’m proud of the writing and yadda-yadda, but I’m practicing crossing the finish line and not letting my own self-doubts or worries to win, anymore!

Each post that’s been released from limbo will have #limboless above the original text. Enjoy this post from 2015 😉

I’ve been back on Facebook for a couple weeks now because I’m looking for a career in social media marketing, and if I’m promoting to potential employers I know how to use social media to benefit their business, I should probably be active online.

One week in and I’m about ready to shut it right back down again, woof.

The prisoner’s dilemma is this: does social media promote bad behavior or do they already have it and utilize social media to enhance their messaging? Or worse, do I associate with a bunch of whiners, complainers, and ignorant souls?

Oh no, what if I’m the ignorant one?

Also, how come Twitter doesn’t bother me as much? Is it because I don’t know anyone I’m following on Twitter personally?

Okay, maybe this is more complex than the Prisoner’s Dilemma.

Here are a few instances I see frequently that I don’t understand (and drive me a whole lotta crazy):

  1. How come people find it acceptable to argue with strangers in the comment section of pages? Does it make you feel superior or like you’re doing the world a justice by spreading your own truth? Maybe a blog would be better?
  2. Why do folks blatantly spread one-sided ignorant articles and scream “SEE I TOLD YOU SO!” when communicating with another’s conflicting idea? I appreciate all opinions on any controversial topic, but can we make sure the proof is credible? Do your research and make sure is a legit site.
  3. Pointing the finger without checking if your own hands are clean. You’re getting angry at others for hating the same way they’re hating. How is this fixing any injustice or problem? All it promotes is finger-pointing, not solutions.
  4. The passive aggressive status update. I know it’s directed at someone on your news feed and you’re hoping they’ll see it, and their anger knowing it’s about them will be your secret revenge. If they’re not worth a conversation to clear the air are they really worth the 140 characters?
  5. THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS ‘MY KIND’ we’re all humans, STOP IT! Don’t perpetuate the hate, we’re all better than that! Language is important, don’t use trigger words to spark a reaction.
  6. If every parent’s child is the brightest, cutest, bestest little munchkins around; where are all the other ones? I want to play with them instead.
  7.  How many more philosophical song lyrics do I have to read underneath your same-pose-selfie?
  8. I thought social media was to connect? Maybe there does need to be more selfies with song lyrics being shared…
  9. The blatant racism.

I think we all have our own truths and that those are shaped by our experiences and life journeys. And while some have more life experience than others, it’s still important to practice understanding.

The only thing we should be trying to one-up is ourselves, in making this world a better place than we left it.

Hope you enjoyed this post that I wrote back in August 2015, I think it still holds some water, dontcha think? What are some social media norms that drive you crazy or wish you could change?

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3 thoughts on “Social Media Nightmare – 2 years later

  1. youngsungwriter says:

    Enjoyed reading your post.

    I use to struggle sharing any of my writing, I’d worry too much about what people would think of me.

    As writers we strive for perfection, if I didn’t force myself to stop, I could edit forever.

    About 17 years ago I wrote a novel and trashed it, I was too scared to expose myself, then the other day I found it on an old memory stick….. it’s like 60k words!


    • Shannon Randol says:

      60k words! Give that bad boy some light and share some pieces, I bet it’s wonderful! And thank you for reminding me my problems aren’t unique, it helps to push past that struggle when you know it’s normal. Thanks for reading! -S

      • youngsungwriter says:

        I think most people are like this to a degree, but writers / creatives are extra sensitive, because if you paint or write or make music, you are putting your soul or at least a part of you out on display.
        We are all vunreable and not many like being judged but this is part of the deal (not the best part!)

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