Long Lost Love Letters

Hey Angel Dove,

I just got your letter from that you wrote on Jan 1st. It’s pretty boring here right now because we’re still getting settled in, so it’s still gonna be a couple days until my first live patrol. Mainly what we’ve been doing are classes, getting better body armor and getting everything ready.

I look to stars every night and I think there actually more beautiful than at home, I wish I could bring you here and that this country wasn’t at war, because this country is so beautiful. Especially the sunsets. It sux that these people are having so many problems with terrorists, gangs, mobs and tyranny leaders (dictators like the evil kind, not the sexy kind like you lol.)

It’s the middle of the day and it’s freezing here, it’s supposed to be the desert, yet it’s like 35 degrees and rainy, but clearer at night. The base I’m living on Camp M. and it’s one of Sodom’s former military base villages. It’s an odd feeling because you can still see the craters in the ground, bullet holes in the walls, blown up buildings and destroyed vehicles from when the war 1st started.

God, I miss you so much, but time is gonna fly and you won’t need my bear to cuddle wit because then I’m gonna be there for real and then we can cuddle. I can’t wait to see you, hear your laugh and hold you, because that’s all I need. You.

After being here and seeing this country, I can honestly say. God, I am glad to be an American, with all of our freedoms and every day life. I definitly won’t take them for granted any more.

Sorry my handwriting sucks, but at least I can write to you. But hey baby I gtg time to eat. I’ll write again soon.
I love you, see you soon.

Love always-your sexy M.

It’s insane what can get shoved into a box and forgotten about for a decade. What’s even more insane is how some of that junk you shoved into a box can still make you cringe 12 years later.

Have you ever found an old shoebox filled with cringe-worthy memories? What was it? Tell me so we can cringe, together!

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