All I Wanna Do Is…

…make a difference, why does it have to be so difficult?

Duh, because nothing worth it in life is free. Accomplishments wouldn’t carry any weight or satisfaction if they were given to everyone who wished for success.

After a conference I attended in San Deigo, I had a brain burst about my next chapter in life and actually spoke it [the dream] out loud to a few people before spending an absurd amount of time obsessing over every which way it [the dream] could go.

And to my surprise the feedback was positive. They asked questions, they wanted to know how I’d turn it into a career and encouraged me to write out the business plan.

Let’s pause a second. Had I not said, “screw it, let’s see what some of my colleagues think,” and heard the positive reaction, there’s a good chance I would’ve mulled the idea over until convinced it was a terrible plan and sure I shouldn’t waste any more time on it. 

It’s important to remember that the most critical person closest to you, is you. Now, are you listening? This next part is important. 

Putting your creative ideas out for others to see/hear is intimidating because what happens if you get negative feedback or are criticized? This ‘what-if’ scenario is like drowning your creativity in wet cement. Eventually, it’ll set and keep those ideas locked up, forever.

Secondly, who cares what ‘they’ say? Take constructive criticism seriously, not personally. Don’t forget the old saying, “everyone’s a critic,” or “opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one!”

Know the difference between constructive criticism and a talking head who isn’t listening. If you don’t know how to identify a talking head here are a couple pointers I’ve picked up on throughout the years.

Talking heads like to interrupt and they like to interrupt with ‘better ideas,’ something completely off topic or every once in a blue moon, a good point.

When someone interjects themselves mid-sentence, it means they weren’t listening in the first place. They were spending the entire time you were talking thinking of something to say. I know I can’t trust a person entirely when they half listen.

Know the difference between constructive criticism and a talking head.

I’m taking my own advice, BTW. This week I have a goal to contact a couple people for a face-to-face meeting. Now, I’m still hesitant to let you in on the project, because I need a few balls rolling in the right direction before letting the cat out of the bag.

Stick around, I’ll keep updating you as the balls get rolling–this feels like the beginning of something great and I want you all to be a part of it!

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