A Step In The Right Direction

What’s that old saying? Do something that scares you every single day? Well, I kept good on my promise from last week. My first step is to reach out to everyone who could help me get started via email and then if I don’t get any response, I’ve made a promise to follow up with a phone call – the scariest outreach (for a millennial) of them allllll! 😉

Why haven’t I voiced what the hell I’m trying to do, yet? Because this damn quote I read about being successful says basically actions speak louder than words, so if I’m spending all my time talking about it, I’m going to jinx it and never get the ball rolling…

Yes, I do believe in the jinx curse. It’s a real problem in Fantasy Football and it’s bitten me in the ass enough times to believe in the almighty.

This shouldn’t be how I operate decisions, probably. But I kinda like mentioning it so that I keep myself accountable. I also operate out of guilt, which is also not healthy and I’m working on it.

On a separate note, the scary activity I’m doing today is also exhilarating! At noon I’m meeting with the outreach coordinator at KidWorks to interview for a volunteer teaching position.

Throughout the last few years, it’s become very apparent how important it is to enrich your own life. I think I lived under the false hope that something good would fall into my lap or present itself to show me what I needed. Imagine when it hit me upside the head that I was in charge of my own enrichment?!

This ability to look within must come as you near your thirties. It’s been a year of self for me and it’s weird. I digress…

Volunteering my time at Kidwork’s KU program is going to be the new ‘enrichment’ I need that gives me a breath of fresh air and I’m telling you this rambling mess in hopes you go out, grab your life my the kahonas and find an activity that gives you a breath of fresh air.

If you already know yours, drop it in the comment section below for someone who needs some inspiration. 

Cultivate it.

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