Anyone Else?

Anyone else get annoyed by half-ass gestures? Like a birthday gift that was obviously purchased last minute with no thought of the birthday person in mind. Or someone constantly telling you what they were going to do for you but then _______ *insert bogus excuse they concocted so that they feel better about not doing it.

If you didn’t do what you had planned to do, don’t mention it. If you don’t have time to purchase a gift with actual thought behind it, why bother spending the money? People can tell you know.

Anyone else find it frustrating when you’re consistently not being heard? Like when you have to repeat yourself more than a handful of times about the same issue, topic, life event or fact.

My favorite part about this scenario is that when the person not being heard finally has had enough of not being heard they end up looking like an ass because words didn’t work so you’re led to making a scene to get the message through.

Anyone else get annoyed when people don’t take responsibility for their own actions? It still shocks me how many will apologize without saying the word sorry and then follow it up with the reasons for why they acted the way they did.

So you’re not actually sorry, are you?

Another good example is when blame is shifted to everyone else but the person who’s constantly running into the same “hurtful situation.” If you’re being hurt, what action do you take out of the equation so that you’re not hurt anymore? Take responsibility for your own actions.

This morning in the shower I realized I take everyone else’s feelings into consideration before responding or acting. If I look out for everyone else’s best interest than who is looking out for mine?

The answer is nobody. I need to look out for my own best interest because in my experience everyone else is operating with their own best interest at heart, so why aren’t I? It’s nobody else’s ‘job’ to look out for my best interest than myself.

And until this shower thought smacked me in the head this morning, I don’t think I realized how much I consider everyone else’s feelings and when people close don’t take the same consideration of mine, they disappoint me and I get frustrated.

This is the thing though, it bothers me and is nobody else’s problem but my own to work out and figure out how to not be hurt my thoughtlessness; make sense?

I need to learn how to not expect people to treat other’s how they want to be treated, despite the phrase. Most treat other’s how they were taught to be treated, this includes me.

The trick is learning how to not let actions you don’t understand consume you, battling anger has been my toughest uphill climb.

Cultivate it.




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