The Struggle Bus Is Real

Welp. My week has been interesting. I’ve been celebrating my birthday all week, can’t complain too much but I think my jean waistband could use a break. It’s getting stretched a little too thin in my opinion.

The past month I’ve been working on changing my mindset when it comes to food because when I’m old and grey and can’t run anymore, I don’t want to put on 40 pounds because I don’t know how to feed myself without running a zillion miles a week.

So I’m trying to practice balance and get my head in the game. It’s all about mindset, right?

Well…if you feel like you’ve been killing it in the mindset department don’t hop on the scale, unless you’re positive the number will change because DAMN that’s a good way to kill all the good vibes you’ve been sending to your brain.

Chill out. I know it’s more important to feel good than obsessive over a number on the scale, because “it’s just a number” (and yes,  I said that in a whiny voice). Let’s not pretend we all don’t enjoy seeing a nice number on the scale.

Who knew learning to feed yourself properly was so damn difficult. How come I didn’t know that fruit has a ton of carbs? This information would’ve been great to have when I was a kid and constantly being told to go eat a piece of fruit. Imagine being able to pop out that bit of info, “no, Mom, fruit is high in carbs. Where are the chips?”  Pretty sure I would’ve gotten popped in the mouth instead.

A few months ago I was having this body image conversation with a coworker and wondering if it was even possible to raise a little girl without any body image issues. I’m sad to say we came up with zilch.

Even making sure you teach your daughter self-confidence and self-love can be undone by your child’s friend who has body image issues and passes the same fears onto your kid.

Ugh, basically. I’m not going to let the scale this morning kill my vibes. It’s a long weekend this week and I get to spend it with my Hubs, maybe that’s the solution. A mix between self-perseverance and self-confidence.

You are enough.

Happy Friday, fam.

Q: What reminders, remedies, or quotes do you fall back on when feeling discouraged? Tell me in the comments, I could use some new ones. xx

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