Living With Dragons

Imagine living in a house with a sleeping dragon and being told your safe as long as you don’t wake or bother it. If you do either you risk being clawed, burned, or both. Every passing moment at home is a balancing act between figuring out how to stay safe and preparing for the moments you will be clawed, burned or both because it’s inevitable.

Other kids don’t seem to live the same way. You only know this because when you visit a friend’s house you’re allowed to make noise, play, and feel different. It’s confusing, aren’t I supposed to feel this way at home?

Moments of peace at home only happen when the dragon leaves to stretch its wings. Then, everyone playing the same stay safe game can breathe a little easier. The second the dragon returns you’re dropped back into a pressure pot waiting for the lid to explode off the top; spending the time in between dreaming of better days and planning how to survive the next explosion.

After years of playing the stay safe game, you move out of the sleeping dragon’s lair and build the safe place you dreamed about in between pressure pots and explosions.

You’re finally safe.

You don’t have to let anyone in if you don’t want to.

Take your time.

It takes time.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

Most won’t understand. Don’t take it personally.

You’re safe.

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