When Are You Able To Focus?

Golf as a sport doesn’t excite me much unless its the Masters Tournament. What does impress me about golf is the player’s ability to focus and shut out all other distractions. It’s an art I didn’t recognize until a few nights ago when we (the Hubs and me) accidentally flipped on the TV and The Legend of Bagger Vance was playing.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this movie, anyone else? Did you know Robert Redford directed it? I hadn’t until that night (oops). Ooh, you know what another movie I enjoy with Robert Redford? The Last Castle, SO GOOD.


Do you remember the moment Bagger Vance and Junah are finally on the same page? The moment when Junah goes to tee off and then walks back and asks Bagger to elaborate more on what he meant about finding his shot. 

Bagger repeats, “it’s just you and the ball, it’s just you and the ball,” over and over while Junah’s vision of the fairway and crowd blurs into the background and his focus grabs the green. Finally, he sees his shot. 

This is the moment I leaned over to my husband and said, “wow, do you think all the great golfers have this ability to focus so hard everything else goes mute?” To which he answered, “yes.”

“I don’t think I have this kind of focus with anything,” I said.

“Really, with nothing?” he countered.

So I thought about it.

Q: When is your focus so strong that the rest of the world fades into the background and you only see what’s in front of you?


I let my subconscious chew on this question while I watched the movie and when I noticed my head was getting hung up on the word ‘focus,’ I changed the line…

My mind is hardly ever silent, not when I’m reading or running with music blaring in my ears or even when I’m attempting to write my pages for the day or blog posts. I’m able to focus enough to finish projects and invent up new ideas, but it’s not the ‘focus’ where everything goes silent, and that’s where I was getting hung up.

… so I changed the line to “when does my mind go silent and I only see what’s in front of me?” And that’s when I finally got my answer.

When is your focus so strong that the rest of the world fades into the background and you only see what’s in front of you? Tell me in the comments down below <3

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