Alabama’s Orange Slice Cookie

This week’s #CookieKindness box was filled with Orange Slice Cookies and went to a Shelby M. in Saraland, Alabama. She was nominated by Hannah G. an old waitressing buddy of mine. Has anyone been to or have someone also living in Saraland?

Scroll to watch my First Taste After Bake video to see me take my first bite of Alabama’s Orange Slice Cookie. Check it out to see if I end up spitting it out or actually enjoy.

Apparently Alabama is where the first rocket that sent a man to the moon was designed. It’s also the place where the first 911 call was ever made. On February 16, 1968, Speaker of the House Rankin Fite called Tom Bevil at the local police station. The red phone he used is on display at City Hall in Haleyville.

I’ll be honest, adding orange candy to a cookie didn’t make me scream YUM. It felt like a sign they weren’t to be added when no orange candies could be found at a couple grocery stores. Given its name though, I felt compelled to follow through, so I made my own…

Candying orange slices wasn’t the worst idea but it does add a few extra steps (and time, the oranges needed time to dry out). Do I think homemade improved the overall taste? Yes. Would I do it again? No. But I don’t enjoy orange candy which highly influences my decision, haha.

The Cookie 

Alabama State Cookies

The Recipe

The Conclusion

The house smelled like orange juice the entire time these cookies were baking. Warm O.J. doesn’t sound super appetizing, but smells can be deceiving. It felt (and smelt) like a warm summer blanket, I dug it.

Check out Episode 1 of First Taste After Bake to see my initial reaction after taking my first bite into Alabama’s Orange Slice cookie.

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ps: the recipe was originally printed in Capitol Cookies cookbook. See you next week for Alaska!

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