Colorado’s Daddy’s Dunkers

What’s a Daddy Dunker? I’ll tell you…it’s a crispy on the outside, crumbly and soft on the inside, shortbread cookie. Continue reading for Colorado’s “official” state cookie recipe and who received this week’s #CookieKindness project.

Colorado’s “official” cookie are Daddy’s Dunkers and was submitted to the Capitol Cookies Cookbook by Lisa Browning who lives in Denver. Lisa explains in the recipe notes that this was her father’s favorite cookie and he enjoyed dunking them in his coffee or milk. Her father had recently passed away and she wanted to continue to share his memory by passing along the recipe.

This week’s #CookieKindness box went to Chris and Janelle R., who were nominated by Chris’ mother, Missy. The couple recently moved to Colorado from Illinois and have two small children. Missy works with me at the museum and I’ve been lucky enough to meet them. Their hiking photos make me super jelly I’m not living in Colorado with them, haha.

Janelle and Chris enjoying their Daddy Dunkers!

The Recipe:

What I learned:

  • After adding the dry ingredients, your dough should be crumbly. Don’t worry you didn’t mess up! What you need to do is PINCH the dough together to form the 1-inch balls.
  • You don’t need to dip the fork in flour each time. Honestly, I didn’t even use flour on my fork.
  • I opted for one fork indentation instead of the suggested crisscross pattern, felt less hectic to me.

I double dog dare you to bake these this weekend and gift them to someone who could use a random act of kindness.

First Bake Episode #6:

Be sure to stop by and say hi via Instagram! You can find me @sjrandol, let’s be friends! If you end up baking these cookies, I’d love to see them. Tag me or use the hashtag #CookieKindness.

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The #CookieKindness project is my attempt to spread good vibes because 2020 has been one helluva year and we could all use the reminder there’s much more good out there than not. Be kind.

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