Connecticut’s Raspberry Thimbles

*Spoiler Alert. Connecticut’s Raspberry Thimbles are the bomb-dot-com. Be my guest to still watch this week’s First Taste episode to see my initial reaction but spoiler alert, there is no denying the jammy goodness. Continue reading for the recipe and some behind the scenes information.

Connecticut’s “official” cookie recipe is the Raspberry Thimble Cookie. It was submitted to the Capitol Cookies Cookbook by Mary M., but originally written by Anne G. The recipe notes read, “Even though Anne Gnazzo moved away, her Raspberry Thimble Cookies are still being baked and enjoyed by the families of St. Timothy’s parish.”

Have you ever eaten Knott’s Raspberry Shortbread Cookie from the pouch? This cookie is that but better. My husband proclaimed this cookie recipe to be in his top three favorite cookies, ever.

This week’s #CookieKindness box went to a woman and her family. They were nominated by Alli N. who used to nanny for them a few years ago when she was taking a gap year. Unfortunately, I’ve misplaced the text where Alli gave me her name but for some reason I’ve pictured her with dark hair and a perm, a distinguished nose, and average build.

I can’t give you a name but I can give you my imaginary description to help make up for my human-ness. She didn’t send a “cookie proof” photo but here’s what my Raspberry Thimbles looked like after they came out of the oven.

The Cookie:

Next time I’ll have a cleaner finish with the jam. I got a little carried away with the plopping part. 😆

The Recipe:

Baking Reminders & Tips:

  1. Level up this cookie by making your own jam. Oh stop, jam is easy to make. It’s fruit and sugar, sometimes lemon juice. Click here for a quick and easy recipe.
  2. With so few ingredients, it’s important to bake with the good stuff. No imitation vanilla and Kroger brand butter.
  3. When “thimbling” the cookie with the top of your middle finger, you’ll need to rock it back and forth to make a large enough dent. I ended up using my knuckle because I struggle with patience and knuckle went faster. Consider using your thumbprint, too.
  4. Don’t scoop store bought jam from jar and then plop in the centers if you want a uniformed finish. This scoop and plopping method was messy and not great for the photo finish. Try dumping the store bought jam into a bowl and mixing it up until its texture doesn’t resemble the inside of a jar.

There has got to be a more accurate way of creating a perfect circle in the cookie besides using our knuckles. Got any ideas? Let me know in the comments.

First Taste Episode #7

I double-dog dare you to bake these this weekend and gift them to someone who could use the reminder you care about them. Plus, good juju and all that.

Be sure to stop by and say hi via Instagram! You can find me @sjrandol, let’s be friends! If you end up baking these cookies, I’d love to see them. Tag me or use the hashtag #CookieKindness.

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ps: The #CookieKindness project is my attempt to spread good vibes because 2020 has been one helluva year and we could all use the reminder there’s much more good out there than not. Be kind.

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