Shannon "sleepy selfing" her husband - ramblinrandol.com

It’s surprising I’m still married, because there is an absurd amount of ‘sleeping selfies’ with my husband on the internet (Instagram) and he hasn’t kicked me out yet! ūüėČ

I graduated college with a B.A. in strategic communication with a focus in public relations and a minor in political science. The nonprofit bug bit me early and have worked for a number of charities  throughout the midwest and west coast.

Writing short stories, cramming through a good book, hiking a new trail and running on the beach for a Banzai Bowl every weekend is me in a nutshell.

Q: Why did I start a blog called RamblinRandol?

A: I was lonely and hoping it would make me feel more connected, or help someone else who was feeling down and out.

Q: What is RamblinRandol now?

A: Guidance for twenty-somethings struggling to keep their head above water and need to know how to make life a little easier and more fun.¬†I’m still learning how to love life, so let’s take on this journey together.¬†

There’s a reason I have a strong pull toward nonprofit organizations and wanting to help those who need help. I know what it’s like to need it and not know where to find it or get it.

After moving out at 18 and enrolling myself into college while working a full time job, not much of anything was joyful.¬†Living paycheck to paycheck and choosing which bills to pay or meals to skip to pay said bill, isn’t exactly the way I had envisioned my life.

A decade later and I’m still only surviving, not thriving.¬†You couldn’t pay me to redo years 13 through 25 … not even for a million – ka – trillion dollars.

But recently, something shifted when I blew out the candles for my 28th birthday. The meaning behind ‘life is too short’ felt different (call it a pre-thirty life crisis all ya want!) and some life hit me in the head.¬†


So here I am after five years of blogging and I finally figured it out. Join me for all of my life hacks, tips on living healthy (mentally and physically), living poor but feeling rich and how I’ve learned to love life; imperfections and all.

—- some of my articles contain¬†affiliate links to products, apps, and services. If you click through and purchase, a small commission on the sale will be¬†transferred to me. Rest assured, I only¬†recommend products or services that I personally use of believe will be helpful to you (my favorite people!).¬†

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