My Story

RamblinRandol launched after one of my professors in college urged all students to open an account and use it for writing samples for future employers. So I did, and for an entire year strictly published op-eds answering writing prompts for a grade.

Somewhere right before graduation I got a wild hair up my rump and submitted my first short for publication and after a couple months found out it was actually going to be printed! So I started to flex my writing muscle and shared my post-college grad struggles.

Then, I got a job and stopped blogging.

Picked it back up again for a few posts and then stopped again.

I’ve always wanted to write, publish a few books and be there to support those who couldn’t support themselves it’s why I held out so long for a job in my field within the nonprofit sector. But I never took the time to invest in myself or believed my writing anything would amount to anything so I never followed through with a plan, until spring 2017 rolled through.

Spring 2017 was a train I wish I had seen coming. In an attempt to distract me with some fluff, the Dear Diary Series was born.

During summer I finally acknowledged I needed some help and filled my free time with a few self-help books, therapy that led to some extremely eye-opening truths which hurt like hell and a shitload of tears.

Just when I thought I had made it over the emotional hump, my Grandmother got put in the hospital and fought for her life for three long agonizing months. Her death put me on a plane (fricking-fracking hate flying) back home to give the eulogy and see a whole-lotta people I hadn’t seen in years.

The shit storm has continued to roll and I’m still a hot mess, but an improving one – I think.

Stick around, share in the misery, be my friend and who knows what might happen. I think it might be great.

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