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Do you have a story you’ve been itching to share and want to be featured on RamblinRandol? I’d be happy to help!

Submit your press ready article to with your name and state. You may also submit through the contact form below if providing a link to your piece, I will happily include the blog name to your byline.

What Stories Ramblin Wants:

  • Overcoming an obstacle
  • Life struggles
  • Miracles
  • Positive uplifting stories
  • ‘Aha’ moments
  • Poems / Fiction

Submission Guidelines:

  • Keep it to a minimal word count, 1200 words is a good start. I enjoy a good rant, but not one that lasts for 5,000 words.
  • Make your reader jump in head first by starting in the midst of the action.

Not sure if you’ve got a piece that fits into any category, submit it anyway! You never know. I look forward to reading your story, now hurry up and hit the send button!