Three Sisters Waterfalls Hike

Planning these little weekend trips have been a real blessing to my marriage. We both work our asses off and forget to enjoy each other sometimes, enjoying the sounds of nature has been a breath of fresh air, for reals. 

So I encourage you to plan a little getaway, doesn’t have to be far (or expensive). Mother Nature has a lot to offer, so go take a hike. 🙂 This week’s adventure was to Three Sisters Falls in Cleveland National Forest, the number 1 rated hike and they weren’t lying. Get in here to check out some of the photos I took!

Hike To Devil’s Punch Bowl

The hike to Devil’s Punch Bowl was gorgeous once you got down into the valley. Opting outside has become a new favorite hobby of mine, and it’s probably because the weather here in Southern California basically screams for you to be outside as frequently as possible. 

This world is full of beautiful places and things, Don’t miss out on experiencing the best of mother nature. So go take a hike, it’s good for the soul. And check out photos from my trip this weekend, click the title of this blog to read more… 

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Media Tour

This past Friday I was able to attend the annual Alliance for Women in Media Dallas/Fort Worth media tour. There were four tour options you could chose from and personally, I think I picked the best one offered. Our first stop was iHeartMedia. We got a tour of the facilities, got presentations about the promotional,Continue reading “Media Tour”