Speak Truth To Bullshit

Speak Truth To Bullshit is now up on #RamblinRandol because I don’t understand how people can sit by and watch Trump use children as pawns. I even included my own fact checker to back up my points, see for yourself.

The Difference Between True Belonging & Fitting In

The Difference Between True Belonging & Fitting In is today’s post about how #BravingTheWilderness gave me some freedom with its distinction between true belonging and fitting in. Who knew I had a different understanding all these years.

What Do You Want & What Do You Need

Today’s blog answers two questions Brene Brown asked me in Chapter Six of Daring Greatly, and I want you to ask yourself the same questions and tell me your answers in the comments. So, what do you want people to know about you and what do you need from them?

Starved for Joy and Hungry for Gratitude

If you starve yourself of joy, the best way to combat this tendency is to practice gratitude. Here’s what I learned in chapter 4: The Vulnerability Armor of Daring Greatly.

In a culture of deep scarcity–of never feeling safe, certain, and sure enough–joy can feel like a setup. Everyone in the family is healthy. No major crises are happening. The house is still standing. i’m working out and feeling good, Oh, shit. This is bad, disaster is right around the corner. 

Hold the phone. Other people do this, too? You mean my secret (subconscious?) way of dealing with the too good vibes isn’t an original plan? You’re telling me this is one of the three ways people evade vulnerability and I fit into one of those damn boxes!?

To be honest, I don’t know if I’m more annoyed that a STRANGER is calling my shit out or that I’m becoming an annoying Brene Brown Superfan. Ooh! Or that I’m not as original or skilled at dodging emotions as I thought an hour ago.

Read more of today’s blog to understand the three ways we avoid vulnerability and how to knock it off if you forebode joy like me.

Shame. What Is It Good For? Absolutely​ Nothing.

Here’s what I learned after reading Brown’s chapter about shame and how to combat those nasty shame gremlins talkin’ nonsense inside your head. Sharing an example of my shame in case it helps one of you, too. Get in here if you want to know the 12 shame categories according to Brown and join me in kicking shame in the face! 😉

10 Ways to Dare Greatly According to Brene Brown – How Many Are You Doing?

Daring Greatly And Being Stubborn – how I’m reading @BreneBrown ‘s book and learning how to cultivate my own dang happiness. Come check out some self awareness and 10 tips from Brown about how to ‘Dare Greatly.’