Monday Madness

My thighs touch, my hips are too wide, why can’t my boobs be bigger? Why can’t by arms be that defined? Why Why Why. I really hope those sentences sounded as annoying to you as they did to me, but I’m just as guilty of thinking all of those things.

I’m sick of it. Why the body shame? Why do we do it? I spent six days a week in the gym for the past year and a half. Granted the results I saw were/are awesome and I surprised myself with how much I could squat, BUT I had the same mind set. My butt hasn’t looked this good in, well, EVER and here I am still fretting about my thighs touching.

I don’t know if any of you are aware, but when you start to exercise, frequently, you start to gain muscle. That muscle weighs more than fat. Which means your number on the scale is going to be higher. So, my advice to you, is …. THROW OUT THE SCALE. The thing is evil, spawn of satan. That stupid cliché is true, you are not defined by a number. THROW IT OUT! Do yourself a favor. Thank me later.

When you are eating something good don’t count the calories, some things worth eating are worth the calories. You only get to eat cheesecake every once in awhile, so don’t spoil it! Eat to nourish your body, if you feel slimy after eating all that cheese, then sssslllloooowwww down on the cheese. ;]

When being active try not to get into a routine. Do different things. Switch it up. Get up early and watch the sunrise during a walk. Run like you’re being chased by zombies. Google fun workout routines. Just be active. Is your lawn in need of being cut? Grab your iPod, MP3 Player, or whatever you kids use these days for music and go to town on the yard. It makes it suck less. I like to pretend I was a rapper in another life. Tupac and Biggie ain’t got nothing on me!

You don’t need to be in the gym everyday for two hours. Grunting and dropping weights to make sure everyone knows “you lift bro.”

Stop comparing your body to everyone else’s, believe it or not somebody wishes they had your hips, thighs, face structure and fingernail beds. Just kidding. Though I don’t know, maybe somebody really does hate their nail beds.

For example, I sometimes used to wish (still do sometimes, shopping for clothes brings up old feelings) I was built like my sister. She’s 5’2, size zero, no chance of thigh touches or trouble finding jeans to wrap around her big hips. She fits into clothes that I wish I could pull off and never has any trouble about the dreaded … boob/ side arm fat.

One day she told me she wished she could pull off whatever god awful thing I put on (or so I thought) and I almost fainted. “I wish I had your curves. I have to wear clothes that are tight just so people know I’m a girl.” My heart almost broke in half. But are you getting the picture?

You are your own body type and you can’t wish for something that just isn’t possible.

I could never be my sisters size, she’s three inches shorter and there’s no way I could cut 50 pounds from any part of my body. Unless I considered removing limbs and THAT would be crazy. Plus, I would look sickly.

Once, I was so stressed (hubby deployed, planning a wedding and preparing for a move) I got down to 125 pounds. People thought I was starving myself. I wasn’t believe me, stress does wonders. Nevertheless I looked ill. I hadn’t been below 130 pounds since junior high. I’m just not meant to carry less than 130 pounds.

Moral of the story: I am built the way I am built. Nothing is going to chance that. Eat well. Do things outside and enjoy your life. Stop wasting time hating your body. It does nobody any good and I’m sure somebody is sick of hearing about it (sorry hubs).

My silver lining: some of my weight gain has gone to my boobs, can’t really complain there!