Do It For You

I think it's tough to focus on yourself as a woman, we have this overwhelming need to make sure our people are okay--husbands, children, etc. Sometimes we need permission or a consistent reminder it's okay to do something solely beneficial for ourselves.

5 Covert Quiet Zones at San Diego Convention Center You Don’t Want to Miss

Thousands of social media, marketing, public relations and other media professionals attend the three day conference in San Diego for Social Media Marketing World. So, where in the world can you find some quiet time to recharge your networking batteries? Here are 5 covert quiet zones in the San Diego Convention Center you don't want to … Continue reading 5 Covert Quiet Zones at San Diego Convention Center You Don’t Want to Miss

Deployment Miracles

While my sanity teetered too close to the edge of landing myself in a padded room, my saving grace were two strangers. It’s wondrous how many tiny choices had to lead them straight to me, it’s almost like they were sent …

Maybe Angels

A iridescent hue illuminated an unknown yet familiar figure. I aimlessly floated behind the shape throughout the small house—no bigger than a small cottage with two bedrooms and silent creaky wooden floors. The corners of my vision were clouded with a bright misty residue, and the faceless shape still hadn’t voiced why I was here. With so many unanswered questions still looming in my dreamy haze, my feet continued to follow hers, one step at a time, until she stopped …