What’s A Neutral Phrase & Is It A Lie?

It’s probably safe to say I have no problem with confrontation and have a bit of a temper when it comes to certain topics; women’s rights, politics, homelessness and if whether or not my uterus will be fulfilling its purpose anytime soon. My Mom would tell you we’re passionate people, others might say we’re stubborn […]

hospital image for ramblinrandol.com blog

Grandma is losing her leg

After 10 weeks in the hospital with a short stint in a rehab center to retrain Grandma on how to use her knee, the bacterial infection has come back with a vengeance (for the fourth time) and this time will take her leg. 

Dear Diary: I Live in Walden

The first big move has happened. I no longer attend Wolcott Street School in Le Roy, New York. Corn fields do not elongate my backyard or catch my model rockets durning the summer. We livin’ in the big city now. [insert car brakes screeching, records skipping or nails on a chalk board] Walden wasn’t big city living, it […]

Do You Have Children?

“Oh, you’re married? Do you have any kids?” “No.” “Really, why not, you’d make beautiful babies!” I don’t think I’ll ever understand the push for women to be considered equal, but peppering married women with the same question of if they’ll have children. I feel like I am in constant question from outside pressures and personal thoughts […]