Missed Opportunity That Has Me Buggin

Nothing is more agonizing to me than a missed opportunity. I try to be the best version of myself (outwardly) so that there are less missed moments to obsessive over, but life isn’t perfect and neither am I. So check out today’s blog for one simple tip on how to deal with imperfections.

Three Sisters Waterfalls Hike

Planning these little weekend trips have been a real blessing to my marriage. We both work our asses off and forget to enjoy each other sometimes, enjoying the sounds of nature has been a breath of fresh air, for reals. 

So I encourage you to plan a little getaway, doesn’t have to be far (or expensive). Mother Nature has a lot to offer, so go take a hike. 🙂 This week’s adventure was to Three Sisters Falls in Cleveland National Forest, the number 1 rated hike and they weren’t lying. Get in here to check out some of the photos I took!

Flawsome: Adjective

It’s easy for boundary-less people to confuse boundaries with control because most boundary-less people can’t fathom why there needs to be a line. This week’s #poetry prompt is imperfect. It’s been my hardest one to write, yet.