Give Yourself A Break – Strive For Imperfection, Instead

Give Yourself A Break – Strive For Imperfection, Instead, is about how @jengotch ‘s episode on perfectionism connected the dots for me on yesterday’s frustration. Here’s three ways to combat being perfect thanks to JenG.

Speak Truth To Bullshit

Speak Truth To Bullshit is now up on #RamblinRandol because I don’t understand how people can sit by and watch Trump use children as pawns. I even included my own fact checker to back up my points, see for yourself.

What Are Ten Wonderful Things About You? Gratitude Wants To Know.

What Are Ten Wonderful Things About You? Gratitude Wants To Know. Read my latest realization and tell me yours in the comments. Join me in this weird (yet extremely rewarding and beneficial) quest for true belonging.

1-800-273-8255 – Your Life Matters

We are way behind the bell curve when it comes to understanding mental illness and it grinds my gears when there is no compassion or tried understanding. And I get it, not everyone is capable of understanding or compassion but what the hell is everyone else’s excuse? Yesterday my husband and I ate a lateContinue reading “1-800-273-8255 – Your Life Matters”

Shame. What Is It Good For? Absolutely​ Nothing.

Here’s what I learned after reading Brown’s chapter about shame and how to combat those nasty shame gremlins talkin’ nonsense inside your head. Sharing an example of my shame in case it helps one of you, too. Get in here if you want to know the 12 shame categories according to Brown and join me in kicking shame in the face! 😉

Missed Opportunity That Has Me Buggin

Nothing is more agonizing to me than a missed opportunity. I try to be the best version of myself (outwardly) so that there are less missed moments to obsessive over, but life isn’t perfect and neither am I. So check out today’s blog for one simple tip on how to deal with imperfections.

Flawsome: Adjective

It’s easy for boundary-less people to confuse boundaries with control because most boundary-less people can’t fathom why there needs to be a line. This week’s #poetry prompt is imperfect. It’s been my hardest one to write, yet.