What Are Ten Wonderful Things About You? Gratitude Wants To Know.

Happy Monday fraands, hope everyone’s weekend was good, decent, and uneventful in the best way. This moring’s blog is going to be quick because I forgot to write it last night and I’ve got twenty minutes before I really need to get ready for work. This might be my best blog yet because I won’t (can’t) allow myself to overthink each sentence and thought.

It isn’t always easy to remember our strengths or the good things about ourselves. Personally, I find it a helluva lot easier to call out my negatives than praise myself when this question is asked: What do you love about yourself?

When asked my hands usually go dry, heart palpitations increase and my brain literally freezes. The world goes in slow motion and I begin to stutter. My mind repeating one phrase, “what do I like about myself? What do I like about myself? What do I like about myself?”

Nothing ever comes to mind.

But this morning my gratitude journal asked me to name 10 wonderful things about myself and something about using the word wonderful helped me consider what I do think is wonderful about myself.

The word love is confusing for me so it throws off my way of understanding the question. So for the first time ever, I tried to consider 10 whole things I thought was wonderful about myself.

We each have personality traits that are really awesome, so I challenge you to answer the same question. I’ll share mine but I double-dog dare you to share your own answers in the comments.

Let’s do this together!

Ten wonderful things about me:

  1. My laugh is loudly sincere and wholeheartedly expressive of the joy I’m feeling in the moment.
  2. I’m a seeker of knowledge. I want to truly understand the why, meaning and perspective of any and all given situations, a.k.a staying curious.
  3. My want to be the change I wish to see in the world, nothing excites me more than giving back and helping make this world a better place.
  4. I love to cook and trying new recipes. A gift passed down to me from my Pops.
  5. Despite being armored up on the outside, any kind of unnecessary suffering truly bothers me.
  6. I am brave.
  7. I’m creative.
  8. Book smart and street smart.
  9. Incredibly strong, especially in the face of adversity.
  10. Fearlessly authentic.

This did me more good than I thought it would. It felt ridiculous and absurd when I spent (what I felt) too much time contemplating my wonderful parts, and then physically having to write them down.

There’s something solidifying to writing them down. I actually believe what I wrote, so I encourage you to write yours down and share them with me in the comments. This might be the best way to start off your Monday.

Don’t worry, it’ll feel silly at first, but I promise you it’s more rewarding than not.

Now to keep up with my promise to practice gratitude to fight my tendency to forbode joy: Currently feeling gratitude for my spin class tonight. It’s going to kick my ass back into taking care of myself. 

Cultivate it.

I play better on Instagram than Facebook but regardless, be my friend online. RamblinRandol is my quest for true belonging. 

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4 thoughts on “What Are Ten Wonderful Things About You? Gratitude Wants To Know.”

  1. 1-I’m happy 2-I’m kind 3-I love to be with family 4-I LOVE dogs 5-I love to garden 6-I’m a great listener 7-I’m empathic 8-I’m loyal to my family and friends 9-I have a sensitive heart 10-I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

  2. 1) I’m a good listener
    2) I’m a good sport
    3) I remember details about people even if I don’t bring them up
    4) I usually don’t yell at people
    5) I’m pretty patient
    6) I take my time to explain tech to people
    7) I don’t call too much most of the time
    8) I don’t curse around people
    9) I’m usually a loyal customer
    10) Sometimes I know how to diffuse a situation

  3. Kelsey:
    1) I have a great sense of humor.
    2) When something is important, you can rely on me. I’m loyal and perseverant.
    3) I contextualize my life into stories. The answer to most important questions is either a story or a metaphor, often delivered well.
    4) I am very good about breaking complicated stuff up into small, easy-to-digest pieces without making you feel like an idiot for needing it broken down as such. Because you’re not. Shit is complicated.
    5) Subtlety and nuance are not lost on me. I love detail and minutiae, and don’t often struggle to understand the significance. This is a form of creativity and intelligence.
    6) I am often overwhelmed with an urge to seek individual justice for people. Boyfriend dumped you? Let’s go annoy the shit out of him. Your kid won’t listen to you? Let’s go to their school and perform something from a musical in our bathrobe at the front of the class to get their attention.
    7) I’m honest. I don’t bullshit you or sugarcoat it for you.
    8) I naturally bring out great things in people.
    9) I’m talented.
    10) I’m hospitable and a good hostess.

    1) I love my family like nobody’s business
    2) I’m selfless
    3) I’m humble
    4) I love trying new foods and I excel at recommendations if you need them.
    5) I’m creative
    6) I’ve made Kelsey’s dad laugh.
    7) I can figure out people in about 30 seconds.
    8) I’m a hard worker. I provide.
    9) I’m always willing to help out.
    10) I do great impressions.

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