Unemployment Diaries: California Edition Part IX

A second interview means something good, usually. Will the universe intertwine with good karma and let me make that phone call home, so my husband can finally move back to California? Read more to find out.

Unemployment Diaries: California Edition Part VIII

After a wacky interview on Wednesday, I couldn’t have two weird ones in a row, right? It only takes one company to say yes to end my unemployment, could this be the one?

Unemployment Diaries: California Edition Part VII

After seven whole days I landed my first interview. The position seemed promising until I dug deeper in to the Google abyss. Please enjoy the strangest interview I’ve ever heard about or had.

Unemployment Diaries: California Edition Part IV

I had the the whole day on the train, but it felt nice to know I was halfway done with the trip. Traveling by train is interesting and definitely something I can check off my bucket list, but I’d suggest traveling by train would be more enjoyable with a friend. I went to the cafeContinue reading “Unemployment Diaries: California Edition Part IV”

Unemployment Diaries: California Edition

The first blog of my California Edition Unemployment Diaries. I’ll be blogging about my experience on the train, and the hunt for employment in the golden state. So, won’t you join me? (In my Mr. Rodger’s voice)