Seeing The Forest Through The Trees

This week’s prompt was journey. 

I thought I saw the light at the end of the tunnel
But when I got to the end of the road it had a sign that told me path walkers must turn around
Now it’s foggy and unclear
There’s no end in sight and what happens if I can’t follow my feet back to the journey meant for me
There’s a fear burrowed behind my inner voice
Pulsing its nasty jagged reminder, I’m nobody and should give up
Something quieter and located closer to my gut keeps telling that fear to shut the fuck up
So I’ll just sit here snuggling chaos like a close friend
Waiting until the light shines through and show me the forest through the trees


Do you ever feel like you’re running as fast as you can but not moving and stuck? Or, no matter how hard you fight to improve the cards are inevitably stacked against you? 

RamblinRandol - (2)

copyright @ramblinrandol 2018

Published by

Shannon Randol

Sharing life and what's helped me grow through what I've gone through.

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