The Brave & Brokenhearted Manifesto

Have you read Brene Brown’s Manifesto of the Brave and Brokenhearted? It’s a story I go back to each time I feel like dipping out when the going gets too tough.

Paragraphs three, four and five are my favorite to re-read over and over when I need the reminder.

And it goes like this:

Give Yourself A Break – Strive For Imperfection, Instead

Give Yourself A Break – Strive For Imperfection, Instead, is about how @jengotch ‘s episode on perfectionism connected the dots for me on yesterday’s frustration. Here’s three ways to combat being perfect thanks to JenG.

The Difference Between True Belonging & Fitting In

The Difference Between True Belonging & Fitting In is today’s post about how #BravingTheWilderness gave me some freedom with its distinction between true belonging and fitting in. Who knew I had a different understanding all these years.

Shame. What Is It Good For? Absolutely​ Nothing.

Here’s what I learned after reading Brown’s chapter about shame and how to combat those nasty shame gremlins talkin’ nonsense inside your head. Sharing an example of my shame in case it helps one of you, too. Get in here if you want to know the 12 shame categories according to Brown and join me in kicking shame in the face! 😉