Taste Testing Mary Berry’s Victoria Sandwich​

Taste Testing Mary Berry’s Victoria Sandwich​ is this Friday’s recipe you might want to give a go. Click to get the recipe I used, some tricks I learned after my first go and if it got two thumbs up in the taste department.

Tony Robbins Mic Drop Part II

Tony Robbins Mic Drop Part II – “Which parent did you crave love from the most” and, “who did you have to be in order to get that person’s attention.” Check out today’s post to find out my answer to this Q & how it relates to anxiety.

Everything Will Be Okay, It Could’ve Been Worse

“Everything will be okay,” and, “It could’ve been worse,” are two of the most deaf-toned responses to someone who has suffered a loss, survived a traumatic experience, or in the midst of a difficult time. What these two phrases do is actually dismiss any of the emotions the person suffering are experiencing. About three weeks agoContinue reading “Everything Will Be Okay, It Could’ve Been Worse”