Melissa McCarthy’s Bridesmaids Monologue Is The Reminder We All Need

Melissa McCarthy’s pep talk monologue with Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids was what I needed to both see and hear. 

Before I taint the pool with my aha moments, watch the clip or read the transcript below and take note of what stands out to you. Did you need reminding of something, too?

Video Transcript:

Annie sits on the couch watching Castaway. It’s the tearjerking scene when Wilson the volleyball is floating away from Tom Hanks. He’s losing his friend. Annie is sobbing.

The DOORBELL rings. Annie opens the door. MEGAN is standing there with 7 PUPPIES from Helen’s shower on leashes.

MEGAN: I’m coming in.

Megan barges into the house with the dogs leading the way.

MEGAN: Heel. Heel. Heel. Heel. Heel. Heel.

Megan puts the dogs on the porch then closes the door. Then she sits on the couch with Annie.

MEGAN: Heel. Heel.

ANNIE: How many did you take?

MEGAN: Oh. Uh, I took nine. I overcommitted with this whole dog thing. I’d probably be more comfortable with six. It’s a lot of energy to deal with. But you wouldn’t know that because you haven’t been returning my calls.

ANNIE: And say what? Hi, I can’t get off the couch. I got fired from my job, I got kicked out of my apartment, I can’t pay any of my bills, my car is a piece of shit, I don’t have any friends –

Megan stands up and starts pacing then gets in Annie’s face.

MEGAN: You know what I find interesting about that Annie? It’s interesting to me that you have absolutely no friends. Do you know why that’s interesting? Here’s a friend standing directly in front of you trying to talk to you and you choose to talk about having no friends.

ANNIE: You know what I mean.

MEGAN: You know what I think?

She pokes Annie. Then continues to prod and push her as she talks.

MEGAN: You don’t want help. You want a pity party.

ANNIE: No, I don’t. Stop it.

MEGAN: You’re an asshole, Annie.

Megan shoves Annie.

ANNIE: Ow. What are you doing?

MEGAN: What? Am I bothering you? I’m life. Life bothering you? Life’s hard, huh? Life can push you around. I’m your life. You’re gonna let life bite you on the ass?

Then Megan sits on top of Annie and holds her arms.

MEGAN: I’m trying to get you to fight for your shitty life and you won’t do it. I’m your shitty life Annie.

Annie SMACKS Megan hard in the face.

ANNIE: Oh my god, I’m sorry.

Megan looks like she might get mad, but then she smiles.

MEGAN: I’m not. Nice hit. I’m glad to see you’ve got a little bit of spark in you. I knew that Annie was in there somewhere. (then) I think you’re ready to hear a little story about a girl named Megan who didn’t have a very good time in high school. I’m referring to myself when I say Megan, it’s me Megan. I know you look at me now and think, boy she must have breezed through high school. Not the case Annie. This was not easy going up and down the halls with. They used to try to blow me up. People used to throw firecrackers on my head in high school. Firecrackers, literally, not figuratively. They called me a freak. Do you think I let that stop me? Do you think I went home crying to my mommy, “Oh, I don’t have any friends.” I did not. You know what I did? I pulled myself up, I studied hard, I read every book in the library and now I work for the government and have the highest possible security clearance. Don’t repeat that. I cannot protect you. I know where all the nukes are and I know the codes.

ANNIE: I won’t say anything.

MEGAN: You would be amazed, a lot of shopping malls. Don’t repeat that.

ANNIE: I won’t.

MEGAN: I have six houses. I bought an eighteen wheeler just cause I could. You lost Lillian. You got another best friend sitting right in front of you if you’d notice. You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself. I do not associate with people that blame the world for their problems ‘coz you’re your problem Annie, and you’re also your solution. You get that?

This hits Annie. Annie’s speechless. Megan exhales, winded.

Here’s your final moment to collect your thoughts before I share my own. Are you ready?

Life for the last two years has felt like one gut punch after another. I’d stand up after each blow ready to fight, but the little shit would blindside me from another direction. Finally the hits slowed and I was able to catch my breath. After reassessing my surroundings, it appeared I’d fallen down a deep and dank ditch.

Every time I’d get close to pulling my ass up and out of the hole, my dang foot would slip, and back down I’d go. This sequence of slippage has been reoccurring for months. And, for the last few week’s I’ve felt too damn tired to make any attempts to pull myself out.

What’s put me in a ditch? Moving across the country during a pandemic. Trying to build a community at thirty in the midst of it all is comical.

Feeling defeated, mopey, and very Eeyore-ish.

Then, I found myself channel surfing a few nights ago and happened to catch the ending of Bridesmaids. Melissa McCarthy’s (Megan) monologue was the kick in the ass I needed to see and hear.

When Megan calls Annie an asshole and says, “you don’t want help, you want a pity party,” a little light bulb went off in my head.

“Uh, oh.” I thought. “I’m the asshole who doesn’t want help and would like a pity party instead.”

I want someone to sit with me while I explain every pain point I’ve had to endure over the last two years. Then, I want them to say, “wow, you’re right, you’ve had it rough, look how strong you are.” And then I want a handful more people to sit and listen and say the same damn thing.

Are you laughing yet? Me, too. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I was able to snap out of it once it was clear I was seeking validation from others. I don’t need others to confirm (anymore) what I’m feeling is real. And, I’m strong. The proof is in the pudding.

Now, about that business of getting myself out of the damn ditch.

Insert that final scene where Megan sits on top of Annie and holds her arms down, pretending to be her “shitty life.” Megan’s final chunk of dialogue in that monologue was the kick in the pants both me and Annie needed.

“I do not associate with people that blame the world for their problems ‘coz you’re your problem Annie, and you’re also your solution. You get that?”

Despite knowing and understanding that, it still took this visual to snap me out of it. So I made a plan. Look for the good. Make a plan to work towards my goals. Run when I can.

Each morning I write down five moments from the day before that made me smile. I acknowledge my wants/dreams/goals for the next five years and complete one action item. For example, be a homeowner. Action item, watch one home buying class online.

And finally, use my work from home lunch break to get the fuck out of my house and go for a run. Something about getting my heart pumping in the fresh, crisp fall air, makes me feel alive.

Life can try and bite me in the ass all it wants. I’m not the person who blames the world for my problems. I’m the person who lifts herself up and out of tough situations. I’m tired of being my problem. Ready to be my solution.

It’s okay if you’re not okay. Life has been one helluva ride these past 24-months. Be sure to sit in your feels. Don’t get stuck. In case you needed reminding, you’re your own solution, too. You’ve got this. I’m rooting for you.

Be sure to let me know in the comment section what stood out the most to you in her dialogue. We all interpret information differently and you never know who needs to read it from your perspective. Drop your moment below if you feel like sharing.

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