5 Covert Quiet Zones at San Diego Convention Center You Don’t Want to Miss

Thousands of social media, marketing, public relations and other media professionals attend the three day conference in San Diego for Social Media Marketing World.

So, where in the world can you find some quiet time to recharge your networking batteries? Here are 5 covert quiet zones in the San Diego Convention Center you don’t want to miss.

5. Super Secret Outdoor Patio with Killer Views

patio views from the San Diego Convention Center


Eat lunch and soak in the previous lecture at this quiet patio space not far from where lunch is being served. A boat load of conference guests will be out on the main deck at tables, keep walking.

Follow the patio until there’s no more patio to be found and enjoy.




4. Squishy Grass and Art

art statue in San Diego Conference Center

There’s a large patch of well manicured grass at the far end of the conference center, perfect for giving your barking dogs a rest.

Plus, if you need something else to think about other than social media and marketing, sit for a second and figure out this two-faced statue.



3. Gas Lamp District Balcony

San Diego City SkylineThe conference center is lined with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the bay and city skyline, depending on which wing you find yourself walking.

It can be difficult to tell because the walls are sheets of glass, but there are doors and they open up to narrow balconies. Pick a favorite side and breath in the fresh air. You can even do a quick face time call between lectures and show off your killer view.

2. Bay Boardwalk 

Boardwalk breezeWho doesn’t relax when looking out into the water? Time for reflection? This is the spot you want.

Go down any of the stairs on the back side of the building and head towards the water for a quick bay breeze stroll.

Ocean water and million dollar yachts line the shore to help calm racing minds.

1. Explore, Explore, Explore

Don’t just take my word for it, walk around and find your own secret hideaways. There is nothing wrong with taking a little break from the information overload. Better to be large and in charge than half asleep, drinking coffee at the networking dinner while fumbling through conversation.

Social Media Marketing World is a great experience filled with learning and mingling. Enhance your time with these 5 covert quiet zones at the San Diego Convention Center. You won’t be sorry.

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