D.C.’s Pecan Sticks

This pecan recipe is 10x better than Arizona’s Chewy Pecan bars, in my opinion. It’s got a roasty-toasty flavor that they chewy pecan bars didn’t. Continue reading if you want the recipe, more information about who got this week’s #CookieKindness box, and any tips or reminders for those baking this recipe fore the first time.

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Delaware’s Applesauce Cookie

If you want your entire house to smell like Fall, bake this cookie. It’s amazing. The cookie itself taste like a mild gingerbread cookie without the snap due to the applesauce which makes them super soft and delicate. Continue reading if you want the recipe and behind the scenes info about what to expect when making this cookie.

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Connecticut’s Raspberry Thimbles

*Spoiler Alert. Connecticut’s Raspberry Thimbles are the bomb-dot-com. Be my guest to still watch this week’s First Taste episode to see my initial reaction but spoiler alert, there is no denying the jammy goodness. Continue reading for the recipe and some behind the scenes information.

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Colorado’s Daddy’s Dunkers

What’s a Daddy Dunker? I’ll tell you…it’s a crispy on the outside, crumbly and soft on the inside, shortbread cookie. Continue reading for Colorado’s “official” state cookie recipe and who received this week’s #CookieKindness project.

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California’s Golf Balls

This week’s #CookieKindness box was filled with Golf Balls and went to Gerry R., my father-in-law who lives out in Palm Desert. These sweet and salty treats were dunked in chocolate which made traveling through postage in the middle of summer, questionable.

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Arkansas’ Cheese Cookie

This week’s #CookieKindness box was filled with Cheese Cookies and went to Glenda in Morrilton, Arkansas. She was nominated by Hannah G. an old waitressing buddy of mine who you may remember from Alabama’s post.

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Arizona’s Pecan Pie Bars

This week’s #CookieKindness box was filled with Pecan Pie Bars and went to Clarissa R. in Gilbert, Arizona. She was nominated by my sister-in-law Kelsey V. who lives in Reno, Nevada.

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Alaska’s Fruit Cookie

This week’s #CookieKindness box got stuffed with Fruit Cookies and went to a fella named Joshua S. who was nominated by his sister-in-law, Tara. Her and I actually went to band camp together. Yes, we had four summers of “this one time, at band camp.”

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Alabama’s Orange Slice Cookie

This week’s #CookieKindness box was filled with Orange Slice Cookies and went to a Shelby M. in Saraland, Alabama. She was nominated by Hannah G. an old waitressing buddy of mine. Has anyone been to or have someone also living in Saraland?

Scroll to watch my First Taste After Bake video to see me take my first bite of Alabama’s Orange Slice Cookie. Check it out to see if I end up spitting it out or actually enjoy.

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What’s The #CookieKindness Project?

A few months ago a friend of mine was cleaning out their bookshelves and gifted me a few cookbooks she thought I’d enjoy (and she was correct, one of them is every recipe published from the San Francisco Chronicle). Capitol Cookies Cookbook was one of them. It’s subtitle reads, “Munch your way through the USA,” and is filled with each state’s “official” state cookie recipe…

…which sparked an idea. What if I bake my way through this cookbook and send each state’s “official” cookie recipe to someone living in each state? Now, I’ve got people all over the U.S. but not in EVERY state…What if I include my social media people and make it fun for everyone?

And that’s what I did. We’ve been shipping out cookies since the beginning of June and it’s been a huge hit. Check out the #CookieKindness Facebook Group for updates, recipes, and a chance to claim the next week’s box. If you want FIRST dibs, consider joining my Good Vibe Tribe (email list) by clicking here.

How does it work?

Every Friday I send out an email to my Good Vibe Tribe with the previous week’s state recipe with tips or tricks I learned after the first bake through. Then, I ask if anyone has someone living in that week’s state and to send me their name and address. The first person who sends me information, claims the box!

The box is filled with a half-dozen cookies, a hand written note explaining why they’re receiving the best piece of mail anyone could ever get, and a hand painted affirmation card which was donated by The Little Truths Studio in Oregon.

I am not charging anyone to send the boxes. My want is to inspire random acts of kindness because 2020 has been one helluva year and I feel like we could all use some good vibes and a reminder there is more good in the world than not.

Please consider joining us on this wild ride, who knows what’s going to come of it!

*Update, after many requests I have set up a Facebook fundraiser page for those who want to contribute to the #CookieKindness project. If you don’t feel comfortable giving Facebook your information, I’ve uploaded by Venmo QR code. A $20 donation covers the cost of ingredients and shipping but of course, any amount helps.