California’s Golf Balls

This week’s #CookieKindness box was filled with Golf Balls and went to Gerry R., my father-in-law who lives out in Palm Desert. These sweet and salty treats were dunked in chocolate which made traveling through postage in the middle of summer, questionable.

Hubs had a golf date with his dad the same week so it felt meant to be he received this week’s batch of good vibes. Did you know there are over 900 golf courses in the state of California? I guess the name makes sense, despite my initial confusion.

You can’t beat Southern California weather, and anybody who lives in The Golden State won’t hesitate at the opportunity to tell you, multiple times, either. 😎

I’ll be honest, the recipe called for a bar of paraffin wax…and it did not sit well with me. Yes, I understand our fruits and veggies have a thin layer of wax around them…but ignorance is bliss and I’m not the one coating each piece of food with it.

Long story short, I didn’t add the wax. You do you.

Scroll to watch another episode of First Taste After Bake to see my initial reaction upon taking my first bite. Watch to find out if it’s worth making again and if I’d suggest any changes to the recipe.

The Cookie

photo by My Gorgeous Recipe

*these are not my golf balls. Hubs was put in charge of the photo this week because I thought it would make a good photo if he put my golf ball on a tee at an actual golf course…and he forgot.

Hindsight being 2020 I could’ve just taken a tee and put it in my grass outside and you’d be none the wiser. Unfortunately, I got caught up in the literal and thinking I was super clever…but this photo via Google search (and the food blog, My Gorgeous Recipes) is very similar to what mine looked like!

The Recipe

The Conclusion

What makes this a great recipe for summer (besides the mailing bit) is no oven is required. Some of my most favorite bakes are the ones which can simply be thrown together and left to set.

My recommendation for making is to dip the golf balls into the chocolate with toothpicks. It minimizes the mess and helps lessen chocolate waste. I don’t know about you but every time I use two spoons it feels like I’m using too much chocolate and struggling to coat the last few treats.

Shoutout to my sister Kelly for this tip. When she mentioned it to me my brain nearly exploded from, “duh, why didn’t I think of that,” and holy shit this is the best idea ever. ❤️

Be sure to stop by and say hi via Instagram! You can find me @sjrandol and if you end up baking these cookies, I’d love to see them. Tag me or use the hashtag #CookieKindness.

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ps: the recipe was originally printed in Capitol Cookies cookbook. See you next week for Colorado!
pps: commit to doing on random act of kindness this week. We could all use a reminder there is more good out there than not. Plus, I think the universe could kinda use it! 2020 has been one helluva year.

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