Dear Diary December 1997

I have a confession. I flipped through a couple of the pages in my next diary and had a quick thought I should end this NOW. Guys, it’s SUPER embarrassing. It starts somewhere in the early middle school years. Ya know, when it’s cool to write your name with your crushes last name…

I’m going to have to start drinking while I write these; liquid courage. 

Quick recap: Still no Neil or Alissa. It has snowed a bunch which isn’t riveting because it’s Buffalo. It snows all the time. No joke, had a birthday party in May and snow started to dust the ground while we swung at the piñata. My diary signature ‘Love Shannon’ has disappeared, probably because it wasn’t cool anymore. 

Oh yeah, and my family has three bat stories. 

Here is December 1997.

December 9, 97
is cool!!!!!

December 10, night 97
I have to be magic
Because I took plastic. A 
little piece of plastic,
and put it on my finger 
and it fell on my elbow
because My finger was 
sticky and the plastic 
stick to me and not
just my elbow!

December 10, 97, night
Even Kelly, James, MoM are magic,
But I don't know
if DaD is But,
if are
then his is <3

December 11, 97

December 11, 97
I Love
Andrew in
my class
Walden Elementary school!!!

December 12, 97
I love
Scooby Doo!

[Dear Diary] My name is Super Nerd and I’m highly embarrassing.
Jesus, I’m going to have to start digging out my old yearbooks. Andrew, if you’re out there and not too terribly shy, show your face! I’d like you to do this willingly so I don’t get sued if I flash your picture.

Could I even get sued for revealing the face of my 4th grade crush? There’s gotta be a statue of limitations already in the books regarding 15 year old crushes.

Oh, and I’m magic. Just in case you somehow missed it up there in the big red letters.

This little girl doesn’t even know what magic is yet. She still thinks the only magic left in the world surrounds Santa, the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny (swear I saw him, once. He was creeping outside my bedroom door one Easter. He KNEW I was waiting up for him to hop in and was fake sleeping.).

Just you wait little girl. A whole world of magical mischief is only a few years away from rocking your bookshelf. You’ll spend many nights at the midnight book releases AND movie premieres. Just. You. Wait.

Not going to attempt to explain the plastic on my elbow rant up there. I was eight, give me a break.

Love Shannon

PS: Who didn’t love Scooby Doo?

PSS: It took until high school to figure out Shaggy and Scooby were a couple of stoners.

PSSS: I wonder if my siblings ever knew I thought they were magic.


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