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Dear Diary: I Pick Spy

Please tell me you remember the movie Harriet The Spy. That movie replaced my obsession with Greece and while I’m sure my mom was grateful for the Go Greece Lightning, break, I don’t think it lasted long. I have a nasty habit of wearing stuff out ….

My old roommate’s boyfriend will tell you how much he hated listening to Mariah Carey’s Obsessed over and over again. Can’t help it guys, I like what I like until I don’t like it anymore. 

This Dear Diary series came about to help me find out who I was as an adult, by reading the secrets I kept safe from my past. So far it’s been refreshing to know I haven’t changed very much at all, I do know who I am and can become more refined as I grow. Kinda like fine wine, better with age ;).

dusty wine bottles
Photo by Marco Mornati

Dear Diary Recap: I want to be sexy like Sandy (still haven’t figured out how I knew what the word sexy meant at 8-years-old!) and I have the hugest crush on Mr. Sheffield from The Nanny (the OG of silver foxes) and just discovered the show Blue’s Clues.

How could life get any better? Let’s find out.

Dear Diary: I Pick Spy

February 4th, 1998
I love 
Homeward Bound!
and the Dogs
and the Cats!

I am a Musketeer!

February 8 1998
I am Meg and I 
love hercules.

I love his 
flying horse!

February 98
In Willy Wonka
and the chocolate factory
and I feel bad for
the old man that 
is in
Willy Wonka
and the chocolate factory


I Love Kevin!

It’s officially official. We’ve made it through my ENTIRE diary. My purple secret keeper is out of pages and we can move on to other works of art…

Dear Diary Series Diary
So long, farewell.

Should we dip into my high school notes or my middle school slam book? You’re going to have to make it back in two weeks to see what I decide.

TWO WEEKS? Yes, the Dear Diary series is going to every other week to make room for a few other topics I have in mind. Until then, see you on social media.

Dear Diary Series Signature - Love Shannon

PS: I have no idea who Kevin is …. but is it weird I did end up dating a Kevin? He was the biggest loser. I finally broke up with him after he told me I was immature… while standing in my apartment ( I was 18) and getting ready to go home (to his Dad’s house, at age 23). See ya later sucker!

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