Rain Bird 32ETI – Easy To Install Review

Any good pet owner wants to give their animal the best life possible. An open meadow for your horse, a jungle gym for your cat and a big fluffy green backyard for your dog…

Unfortunately the grass isn’t always greener when living in an apartment. I shouldn’t complain, I’m probably a part of the slim percentage in Southern California who have a backyard and is renting.

My problem is the included backyard is not what it looks like in the listing pictures. Buyer beware.

It’s a giant dirt patch during the summer months when all the hard work I put in during the damn winter and rainy season gets fried out by the summer sun.

I want my dogs to have GRASS DAMMIT!

Unfortunaltey I said this wish a little loud one day and it sent my Hubs straight to Google to search water system for apartments which then led to a small argument about wasting money. Ya know, the usual.

Doing any kind of manual labor to enhance any part of a rented home (especially apartment) is a waste, personally speaking of course. This is not an idea the Hubs agrees with full heartily.

After a day’s worth of negotiations, we came to an agreement. I’ll jump on board for this if he agrees to me never letting him live it down if he doesn’t want to dig it up after we move.

It only took an afternoon to install, probably would’ve been quicker had we had all the right tools to begin with. Our ground is tough because we live up in the foothills, so parts of my yard is like digging up dried rock. We needed a pick to speed up the afternoon project.

I would highly recommend something other than a shovel. Unless you want to have the most miserable 4 hours of your life, have at it.

But guys, in only two flipping weeks this is what my grass looks like! My dogs love it! There is less dirt coming in through the doggy door and they aren’t laying in the mulch anymore.

I’m the cheapest. My husband hates it, but I can’t help it. I don’t like spending money on unnecessary items, but this is the best $100 I’ve spent in a while and would recommend it to anyone desperately in need of grass for their pet’s enjoyment.

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