I Need Your Help – KidWorks Is In Need Of School Supplies

Happy Wednesday everyone, hope this week hasn’t dragged for you like mine has, but I’m positive it has only felt like a million years because the Hubs and I are going camping out to Joshua Tree this weekend AND I’M SO EXCITED TO MAKE SMORES.

Many of you know I’ve begun volunteer teaching at KidWorks, a local children’s charity that serves at-risk youth in Santa Ana. In lieu of summer approaching, they are in desperate need of school supplies for its summer programs.

I’ve got 1,000 followers on this blog and if each of you sent a $5 gift card from Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc. It would make a huge difference in these children’s lives. 

I’m hoping to collect enough gift cards to go out and make the school supply purchases. I will post updates regarding how much was raised and how much stuff we were able to raise (together) for this program.

Here’s an idea of what they’re looking for:

  1. Binders
  2. Composition Notebooks
  3. Spiral Notebooks
  4. Wood Pencils
  5. Mechanical Pencils
  6. Graph Paper
  7. Poster Paper
  8. Erasers
  9. Crayola Crayons & Markers
  10. Colored Pencils
  11. Dry Erase Markers
  12. Dry Erase Erasers
  13. Colored Chalk
  14. Tape
  15. Glue Sticks
  16. First Aid Kits
  17. Post Its
  18. Index Cards
  19. Acrylic Paints
  20. Rulers
  21. Index Cards
  22. Kleenex Boxes
  23. Hand Sanitizer
  24. Construction Paper
  25. Scissors
  26. Clorox Wipes
  27. Black Sharpies
  28. Dictionaries/Thesaurus
  29. Manila Folders
  30. White Printer/Copy Paper

This is only HALF the list! KidWorks serves over 500 kids a day between all four of their locations and could use all the help they can get.

If it feels sketchy sending me a gift card with $5-$25 on it, please don’t! It feels weird for me to ask a bunch of ‘strangers’ but I’m honest, swear it! I’ll even provide you picture proof of all the supplies delivered!

Please send the gift cards to this address: 1302 Industrial Drive Tustin California 92780

Thank you in advance!

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My First Day at KidWorks KU Program


My first day at Kidworks KU program was this past Friday and I have to admit, my nerves were jittery all day in anticipation of my first-afternoon volunteer teaching.

Would a bunch of 3rd through 5th graders eat me alive? Would I say something wrong and secure their place in therapy twenty years from now? What if they hate my course outline and/or despise me?!

PS: When the hell did I turn into a worry wart? My lifelong goal of not turning into my mother and worrying about everything has apparently flown right out the window. #smdh

KU (Kidworks University) is a 5-week program where kids elect to take courses they’re interested in after their regular school hours. I volunteered to fill in as the arts & crafts teacher as they hadn’t found anyone to fill the position.

Craft one was making dreamcatchers. In an hour. With 12 kids and one of me.

Holy crow have I never heard my name said so many dang times.

It was hilariously exhausting.

The entire day before Day One at KU I spent preparing for the ONE HOUR class. I was super convinced they’d finish early and all be looking at me begging for something to do. I was pre-imagining the panic I’d feel with 12 sets of little eyeballs waiting for my next move, so like any wannabe Boy Scout – I made a plan for the plan and went in prepared…

This is embarrassing because your girl had a powerpoint presentation, a word search just in case kids finished early and a story about where the dreamcatchers originated from…

And there has GOT to be some kind of life irony/hidden life message within this next paragraph describing how the ONE HOUR actually went. 

We didn’t start until 20-minutes after planned because the program manager wanted to make sure to get all the last minute kids in the classes they wanted. There was a class before mine so I couldn’t set up the room until it was my turn – but I was standing outside waiting for my kids to arrive (per protocol) and had zero prep time, especially since we all started 20 minutes late.

As I’m learning the kids’ names, half of them start asking if we’re going to make slime instead of the pre-designated craft I’m in the process of setting up. Probably four kids in total repeatedly asked, when are we going to make slime?!

After getting the kiddos started all of them needed help. At the same time.

After helping one, another would ask, and then another, then another and then another.

I’ve never tied so many damn knots in my life. Which thinking about it now, why didn’t I just tell them to tie their own knot? Those fools got me ❤

By the time the hour (and an extra 15-minutes) was up, most of the class finished their dreamcatcher and ran out the door while I was left trying to catch my breath, clean up the bead mess and figure out where I’d left my brain.

Nobody wanted to read my dreamcatcher story. And there was no extra time for the word search I had printed out. Not even sure where my flash drive with my PPT went.

I made an IG Story from the beginning to end, so I’m sharing it with you now so that you too can enjoy a laugh at my expense.

Moral of the story: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Once the party train starts rolling there’s no stopping it. And I must repeat – don’t try to make a bunch of 8 and 10-year-olds make a dreamcatcher in an hour. Safe a life, color a book.

PSA: Kidworks NEEDS volunteers. If you’re in the Orange County, California, area please consider donating some of your time. Check out volunteer opportunities here. Kidworks is a community development organization whose mission is to restore at-risk neighborhoods…one life at a time.

Join me in being the change we wish to see in the world. If you volunteer your time, tell us where in the comment section so we can love on you and each other!

Stay dreaming.

Cultivate it.