Dear Diary August 1997

The dedication I had to keep up with my diary writing is impressing my twenty something self. We’ve made it to August and I’m still plugging away, determined to fill each and every page.

Per last post, I’m currently smack dab in the middle of a love triangle within my own heart. Tom and Neil, Neil and Tom. Who knew it could be so complicated for a single-digit-aged kid? It’s hard out there for the bus crushes!

Quick recap: I’ve planned out dog names for my future self. One will be named Shep (can you guess where I got that one from? 10 cool points if you do!) and one named Lucky. Full disclosure: currently have two puppies, neither by the name of Shep or Lucky. My two rascals are dubbed Bella and Bailey, a.k.a. Bella Booski and Hurricane Bailey, or simply–da puppies. 

I’m not editing any of the contents from my diaries or reading the entires beforehand. That way we can share in the wonder together.

Here is August 1997. 

Augist 18th 1997
Today I went 
to Alissa's house
and played baby
with Max it was

Aug. 19th 1997
Today paul, Dan
Ashly, Nicol, Key, paul came
over. Dan is 10 years old. Ashly is 2 years
old. Nicole is 8 months
old. Kyl is 6 years old. paul is 6 years They are twins.
I was only 9 months
old when I started walking.

[Dear Diary] DONE is my go to word when I’m stressed and overworked. Considering this is me and I’m still me, I think I was DONE.
Well, August was a slow month…

But you got a complete rundown of each kid I played with on this day, future reporter? Nah, I went to journalism school and took the classes. It wasn’t the life for me. Mad respect for the reporters struggling, though.

Speaking of reporting, did anyone else take on an semi-unhealthy obsession with the movie Harriet The Spy? Oh. Mah. Gawd. Did I want to be Harriet. I begged for a marble notebook 3.2 milliseconds after the movie ended.

I’d sit behind our lounge chair, which was backed up a corner leaving ample triangular room for a kid to hide, and spy on family (pretty sure Mom knew, damn moms always knew).

Swift and painful death

The label even had PRIVATE etched across the front, super official. It’s also possible I got a friend to do the infamous pen tattoo. We were so cool.

Do kids still play ‘baby’ anymore, or is that too gender specific now-a-days? I can’t explain my then fascination with pretending to be Mom, maybe it was because I loved the shit out of mine and mimicking her was the only way I knew how to flatter?

I defiantly don’t share the same sentiment at almost 28-years-old. Still not okay with how babies come out, can hardly afford to feed myself and not sure I’d fare well in Mom jeans. Maybe when I grow up.

Good to see I’m super humble, too. “I started walking at 9 months.” To be honest, I have no idea if that’s even true. Ya can’t trust an 8-year-old.

Love Shannon

PS: Get your spelling together Shannon!

PSS: I have no idea who any of those peeps are or could’ve been.

PSSS: George Of The Jungle (Brendan Fraser). The elephant (dog)’s name was …. Shep!

What was your favorite movie growing up, or who did you want to emulate so badly it hurt? Let me know in the comment section! 

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