Dear Diary June 1997

We’ve technically gotten into a new month on the last post, but it’s officially official this time around. 

Quick recap: I’m still crushing hard on my bus crush, Neil. Alissa is my Best friend and hasn’t lost the capital B status, yet. They are both cool and fun. I root for the Chicago Bulls and don’t want Neil to know about it. 

I’m showing off my cool numbering skills in the date line and can’t ever end an entry without Love Shannon. It’s important to let oneself know where the diary entry ends, dontcha know.

What will June bring for my tiny 8-year-old self? Why don’t we find out together. I’m not editing any contents from my diaries or reading the entires beforehand. That way we can share in the wonder together. 

Here is June 1997. 

June 17, 
Kelly cought 
her First Fish! 

June 17, 
I cought 
a Fish

June 17, 
Mom cought 
her First
Fish to. 

June 17, 
Dad cought
two Fish. 

June 17,
cough zero
Fish. It is

July 2nd 1997
My Daddy seid
a Bad Day
of fishing is
Better then a
good Day at

[Dear Diary] It took three tries before nailing down my Dad’s life lesson. If anything, at least I’m thorough.
Way to be a show off, Dad. Two fish?!

Who else enjoys my running tally of caught fish and wanting to remember my little brother caught NONE? How about that little piece of wisdom from my Pops? Super Dad-like.

My Dad’s still good for life quips and I’m still notorious for being a smidgen competitive. To this day I’m embarrassingly proud of the fond memory I have with Dad and brother at the golf course.

At the end of the day my golf score stayed below the triple digits, James’ did not … love you little brother!  It’s a shame you can’t see my beat red face smeared with a grin from ear to ear right now, I’m terrible.

Love Shannon

Ps: What I wouldn’t give to be out on a lake somewhere again with my Dad and brother. It’s weird, you spend so much time with your family growing up and then all of a sudden,   you haven’t lived in the same state for almost a decade and a random text every few months or years is all ya get.

Got any sibling rivalry you want to share, extra cool points if its embarrassing! Share them with me in the comment section. 

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