Dear Diary July 1997

There’s a slight chance I’m still embarrassed about outing my competitiveness at such an early age, but I’ve come back to share some more! Hopefully you haven’t hit the snooze button yet. 

Quick recap: I think Neil is still my bus crush, no clue where Alissa has been. I most definitely out fished my brother and jotted down some good fatherly wisdom. 

My entries are growing farther apart, as I assume my need to jot down every thought I had the moment I had it grew exhausting, but who knows. I thought my sign off was ‘Love Shannon,’ but apparently that got old after a few months, too. 

If you’re new and have no idea what I’m talking about: I’ve recently discovered all of my old diaries, journals (not sure of the difference, maybe maturity?) slam books and old high school notes. I’m sharing them here for everyone’s enjoyment.

I’m not editing any of the contents from my diaries or reading the entires beforehand. That way we can share in the wonder together.

Here is July 1997.

July 20th 1997
today it was my
Brother and Sister
and me at the theatre! 

July 20th 1997
When I grow
up and when I get a Dog I will name 
it Shep. and
when it dieds
I will get another
dog    I will 
name it lucky!

July 27, 1997
Today my friend
Alissa has a very
lose tooth!

July 27th, 1997
Tom loves


I love

[Dear Diary] Who the hell is Tom?
Ah-yes, the tooth fairy. How could I forget?! My tooth fairy had a name and I wrote her letters. For the life of me I can’t remember what her name was, I used to ask her all sorts of questions.

Where did she live? Was her house made out of teeth? Was that sanitary? Did she like being a tooth fairy? Could she draw me a picture of what it looked like where she lived?


I used to ask the other kids if their tooth fairy was Moonlight, too. Needless to say I never found another kid who shared the same tooth fairy.

Neil was almost a goner, but he crept right back in there at the end. Poor Tom though, he didn’t stand a chance against bus crush Neil. It does say Tom, right? Maybe Tom was my codename for Neil.

Love Shannon

PS: I was going to breeze past the awkward naming of dogs and death bit, but something struck me. This has to be the only time in my life I was able to speak (write) about death without an ensuing panic attack to follow. It’s odd (but not) how simple your mind is when you’re younger. I say death so matter-of-factly without knowing its finality.

PSS: Who the hell is Tom? Tom, are you out there? Do you remember me?

Did your tooth fairy have a name? I still must know! Let me know in the comment section below!

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