Dear Diary September 1997

What else could be revealed in this week’s dose of preteen nostalgia? Let’s find out. 

Quick recap: I’m very proud at the age I started walking, 9 months if you’ve forgotten. Alissa has made her regular pen-ins, but bus crush Neil has been increasingly absent and it can only mean one thing. I don’t love Neil anymore, what has the world come to?!

Here is September 1997.

Sept. 24, 1997
Fiuer it out.
And someone 
on there is
cute   his name is Danny.

Sept. 24, 1997(9?)
I have a 
cute guy
his name is
from Grease

Nov. 15, 1997
I am
To New York

Sept. 25, 1997
My poor bother
is sick! I feel
bad! but my mommy
is taking him
to school

[Dear Diary] I have sinned. I misspelled Danny Zuko’s name. Forgive me.
Mom wanted to go Grease Lightning on my ass after the six-hundredth ka-jillionith time of watching Grease. There are only so many times a girl can drool over John Travolta before losing her shit, sorry Mom!

Anyone else out there notorious for loving a good to-do list? The best part is checking off the tasks and probably explains all the jumbled-month diary entries. Just wanted to fill up my diary in a timely manner!

Fiuer it out has got to be Figure It Out? My husband and I just had a conversation about favorite 90s TV shows, otherwise I’m not sure I could’ve cracked the code. Plus, wasn’t there a Danny regular on the show?

Or was there a Danny from All That who was my hottie? Lawd, I’ll never know.

Love Shannon

PS: Poor Moms, always being blamed. How’d you like that semi-passive aggressive blow to my Madre for taking my poor sick brother to school?

PSS: “I’m moving to New York city!” If only this kid knew it’d be the first of many “I’m moving to ______.” And it wasn’t New York City, it was a small town in Hudson Valley just outside New York City. Totally digging I have it documented though.

220px-Danny_TamberelliPSSS: I googled Danny. I’m pleased to say my memory has done gooooood. He was on both Figure It Out AND All That. I think I might be like-like him all over again, because who doesn’t love the Giants for ruining Tom Brady’s perfect season?

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Dear Diary May 1997 II

After a late ‘spring cleaning’ of my dusty and disorganized garage, I came across hundreds of penned pages from twenty year’s past. 

Not wanting to throw away my childhood thoughts, I figured the pages could breathe fresh air, here, on my blog. I’m at a point in my life where a little trip down memory lane could do some good.

I’m not editing any of the contents or reading the entires beforehand. That way we can share in the wonder together. 

Here is May 1997 II.

May 21, 1997
Today it is my Birthday. 
My Mom is comming in to read a story and pass out dounts.
<3 Shannon

May 21, 1997
Neil is my Best Friend so is Alissa. 
I Like whem very much.
They are fun.
Neil is

May 21, 1997
Shannon is a good
friend thanks for
the car. from,
              your welcome!

May 21, 1997
you are my Best friend.
Alissa is the Best.
She is fun to. I Like
her. She is
Love Shannon 

[Dear Diary] I think I granted access to my super secret and padlocked secure diary. What was I thinking!
It’s a shame donuts don’t have the same appeal to me 20 years later. Instead of having a jolt of glee when someone brings donuts, all I can think about is if the calories are worth it. Oh, to be young and oblivious to calorie intake.

Full disclosure: Neil was my first crush. He rode the bus with me in the mornings and when he gave me a stuffed animal for my birthday, it was love at first gift. His parents had the coolest house on the bus route and they were doctors.

It’s funny what you remember after so many years. I also can’t watch The Santa Clause without being reminded about my bus crush, ironically Neil (Scott Calvin’s arch nemesis in The Santa Clause) is also a doctor of sorts.

PS: Alissa is how she spelt her name, my creative 8-year-old self didn’t create the spelling on her own. I feel like this must be emphasized, because many misspellings are probably in my future.

PSS: How probable is it to find Neil on Facebook with no last name? I wonder if he followed in his parent’s footsteps.

My how time flies. The road ahead is foggy but I can’t help but wonder what is next. Do you remember your first crush? What was their name and where did you meet them? Let me know in the comment section! 

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