Anyone Else?

Anyone else get annoyed by half-ass gestures? Find it frustrating when you're consistently not being heard? Or get annoyed when people don't take responsibility for their own actions? Here's what I've learned, ya gotta read all the way to the end to hear my conclusion 😉

My First Day at KidWorks KU Program

My first day at Kidworks KU program was this past Friday and I have to admit, my nerves were jittery all day in anticipation of my first-afternoon volunteer teaching. Would a bunch of 3rd through 5th graders eat me alive? Would I say something wrong and secure their place in therapy twenty years from now? What if they hate my course outline and/or despise me?! Little did I know, 12 kids were going to run the find out more, click the blog title. PSA: KidWorks is looking for volunteers, if you live in Southern California - sign up and join me, today!