Starved for Joy and Hungry for Gratitude

If you starve yourself of joy, the best way to combat this tendency is to practice gratitude. Here's what I learned in chapter 4: The Vulnerability Armor of Daring Greatly. In a culture of deep scarcity--of never feeling safe, certain, and sure enough--joy can feel like a setup. Everyone in the family is healthy. No major crises are happening. The house is still standing. i'm working out and feeling good, Oh, shit. This is bad, disaster is right around the corner.  Hold the phone. Other people do this, too? You mean my secret (subconscious?) way of dealing with the too good vibes isn't an original plan? You're telling me this is one of the three ways people evade vulnerability and I fit into one of those damn boxes!? To be honest, I don't know if I'm more annoyed that a STRANGER is calling my shit out or that I'm becoming an annoying Brene Brown Superfan. Ooh! Or that I'm not as original or skilled at dodging emotions as I thought an hour ago. Read more of today's blog to understand the three ways we avoid vulnerability and how to knock it off if you forebode joy like me.

Anyone Else?

Anyone else get annoyed by half-ass gestures? Find it frustrating when you're consistently not being heard? Or get annoyed when people don't take responsibility for their own actions? Here's what I've learned, ya gotta read all the way to the end to hear my conclusion 😉

Dreamin’ Ain’t Just For Fools And Artists

I knew too much about life at a young age Spent a lot of time dreaming about better days Where money wasn't an issue and life went on as usual But when I voiced any of those dreams, laughter fell down upon me Maybe they didn't mean it, after all, they never could afford it Because dreamin' was for fools and artists Neither one can pay the mortgage. It took two more decades before I'd voice those dreams again And this time, I had a softer place to land Even though I couldn't digest it, I tried again and got better at it For those who believe, never want me to stop dreaming It's been tough to silence the critics, which mostly live in my attic But I won't let another two decades pass, listening to a bunch of asses                                                                   -Sj.